What is Avast Master Password?

The Avast Password is a tool which already comes along with the antivirus solution offered by Avast. It allows the user to protect and save their sensitive and personal information at a single place that no one can access with proper authorization. Along with the protection that it offers, users can also fill the web forms pretty quickly and access all of their sensitive information with relative ease.

In this post, we will get a detail look about, what Avast master password is and why it is more secure than other software available in the market. Let us dive into more detail and check how to secure all of your data using Avast Master Password.

Avast Master Password

It is a simple yet effective tool that allows the user to protect their sensitive information and passwords with a single master password. However, in cases when the user forgets the master password, then they can no longer get access to their other password and or the sensitive information which they choose to save. This is quite an unfortunate situation, as not only nobody can access the data, you cannot even reset the master password.

When as a user you try to reset the master password, unfortunately, all of your data is deleted and the user will have to start again from zero. Thus, if you are going to make the use of Avast Master Password, ensure that you remember it no matter what. Otherwise, you will end up losing all of the data and access to your sensitive personal information.

Why it is more secure?

When compared to the default browser password manager, it is believed that Avast password manager is more secure and reliable. It may be because, when the passwords are saved with default browsers, they are basically stored onto the devices itself and thus are vulnerable to attack with no protection at all.

On the other hand, considering the fact that when you save passwords with Avast password manager, Avast is saving your password with an added layer of security, by encrypting the data. Making it more reliable and secure as compared to the default browser manager.


Avast not only offers robust security but also provides excellent feature offerings at considerably reduced and reasonable prices as compared to some of its other competitors. It offers two different versions. One is the free tool that can be used across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The free version also allows backup and sync of data through Avast account.

The other is the paid version that is billed at $1.53 per month for a 3-year subscription. In addition to the feature discussed above, it also offers users a 30-day money back guarantee and one-touch login support.

In all, Avast Master password is a great tool to be used to secure all of your passwords and sensitive data, at one place. However, be sure that you remember the master password, or else you will end up losing all of your data.