Private and secure virtual cabinet from leading virtual data room providers

Information systems are an invaluable source of knowledge, and at the same time, a target for unauthorized collection. Here we will analyze how secure are data in the Virtual Data Room.

How to create a secure environment for your business activity?

The purpose of information security is to provide security for the organization’s valuable resources, such as management information, hardware information, and software application information. Choosing the right security measures ensures that business goals are achieved more effectively, thus protecting the company’s goals, mission, material and financial resources, reputation, legal status, and employees. Therefore, it is very important to explore the risks associated with information security and ways to deal with such threats. Due to the very dynamic changes that are taking place with the development of information technology, new previously unknown threats are emerging. A special field for maneuver is the development of information technology, which allows you to purchase information remotely, without the physical presence in the storage location. This is a challenge not only for entrepreneurs who care about their own interests, but also for the state, which must build an effective legal system to protect against espionage.

Unlike the means of physical control, concentrated in one place, which is typical for the security scheme of the computer center, the cloud-based Virtual Data Room (VDR) requires the following information security measures:

  • control of access to all information files both on an internal, and on an external network;
  • control of the authorized employee’s work with the file with which he is allowed to work;
  • control of access to network traffic;
  • establishing effective means of identification and authentication for each participant, whether an individual or a logical object, as well as for each component of the network;
  • control of access to network resources (including registration and accounting centers, communication controllers, input devices, and various servers) both from central domains, rigidly connected or directly connected devices and from remote points, by phone or through interconnections;
  • control of the dissemination of information in order to prevent its unauthorized distribution or leakage to unauthorized network stations or users.

Virtual Data Room implementation stages

  • The agent software is installed on a workstation, after which encryption keys are exchanged between the server and the client. It is possible to work with virtual data room providers without installing an agent – using a web browser;
  • The administrator, or a user with the necessary rights, selects the directory for synchronizing documents with the corporate data warehouse;
  • Data in the synchronized directory becomes available on the user’s stationary PCs and on authorized mobile devices;
  • If necessary, the user, in addition to VDRs, can create workspaces – shared folders for joint work with documents together with their employees.

Who is the leader among VDR providers?

iDeals allows you to share and archive any document ensuring maximum control over the data and activities of individual users. It is scalable, modular, and customizable, suitable for all business sectors both as a secure Workspace and for activities such as Due Diligence, Board of Directors, Stock Exchange Quotes, NPLs, Arbitration, Internal Audit. Virtual Data Room offers over 100 features designed exclusively for secure document sharing and corporate collaboration. Moreover, iDeals Data Room is particularly easy to use and is immediately available to you without installing any software. A web browser is sufficient.