Petcube Dog Camera

Many pet owners are familiar with the sadness of breaking up with their beloved pet left alone at home. Frequent absences make babies bored in the absence of the owner and often lead to damage to things and furniture. Petcube dog camera allows you to not lose touch with your pet, even being far from him. This device is designed to provide the user with the ability to remotely watch their furry friend and even entertain him with the game if he is bored.

What is a Petcube

At the heart of the Petcube design is a built-in wide-angle webcam through which you can monitor the behavior of the pet during his periods of loneliness. Also, there is the opportunity to talk with your pet, thanks to the presence of a speaker and a microphone, or to start a game with him by controlling a special laser pointer located on a moving platform.

Stylish Design and Convenient Functionality

The developers took care of the stylish design and ease of operation of the Petcube. The case of the device is made of aluminum and includes a front glass, a wide-angle camera, two servo motors, a low-intensity laser, a microphone, speakers, a circuit board, a notification indicator, and a mini-USB port. Also, Petcube is equipped with a motion sensor that allows you to monitor the movements of the pet. The device is connected first to the mains using the power adapter, and then to the home Wi-Fi network.

Control the Camera Through the Application

A special free smartphone application provides access to all Petcube settings and features, and a clear user interface makes interaction with the device easy and enjoyable. The application allows you to share photos and videos of your pet with other Petcube users and view their materials, as well as open access to device management for other members of your family.

Characteristics Petcube

  • Dimensions: 10 × 10 × 10 cm
  • 4-inch touch screen
  • Wifi support
  • The presence of a microphone and speakers
  • Built-in micro-USB port
  • Built-in motion sensor
  • Compatibility
  • iOS
  • This device includes:
  • Petcube
  • User’s manual

What is the Best Way to Use Petcube for Dogs

The best viewing angle can be achieved by placing the device at a distance of 10 or more meters from the floor. If the aluminum design is not to the liking of the owner of the device or his pet, the manufacturers offer beautiful fluffy cases for the Petcube case. Thus, Petcube is an ideal assistant for people who often do not have enough time for long walks or special training with their pets. This is a device that will always let you know what is happening at home, whether your dog is naughty and what it does.

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