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McAfee vs Norton: Side-by-Side Comparison

Making the right choice when it comes to antivirus protection is essential. However, it might not be the easiest decision. It turns out there are so many details to take into account to get the best solution on the market. When users pick which antivirus software to install the choice comes to two products: McAfee […]

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Petcube Dog Camera

Many pet owners are familiar with the sadness of breaking up with their beloved pet left alone at home. Frequent absences make babies bored in the absence of the owner and often lead to damage to things and furniture. Petcube dog camera allows you to not lose touch with your pet, even being far from […]

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What is the Best Antivirus for Mac?

But you may have some personal needs and demands, so let’s go through some detailed factors before choosing the particular antivirus product. Bitdefender Bitdefender – best Antivirus for Mac is a strong universal product with several useful features. It is efficient against all malware types. Bitdefender boasts advanced multi-level ransomware protection. Its Safe Files option […]

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McAfee Free Antivirus Review

As one of the oldest and best known in cyber security. McAfee’s company has had many ups and downs over the last two decades. McAfee was certainly an important example of Antivirus protection back in the 90’s, but after some hard years of receiving bad critics and poor service reviews, we had to make sure […]

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Invisible wireless dog fence

Numerous property owners can not stand to fence their yard to contain their canine. Fencing materials can cost a lot of money, usually in many dollars. This may be a cost that could be essential, however, it is a route that goes beyond the range of owners in general. A decent option for fencing is […]

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IPVanish Review

With the IPVanish review, it is the solid VPN provider which is situated in the US. It offers the three subscription plans every month, every three months, and even every year. Certainly, you will get more savings with yearly subscription. For you to sign it up you will be required to have the valid email […]

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Avast Silent Mode

Being one of the antivirus solutions that are currently available in the market, Avast is also an unusually noisy application solution. It pops out notifications aloud, unwanted display of ads and offers a lot of additional software updates. This might not be a good scenario for many gamers and users who are consistently working on […]

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Avast Game Mode

Avast Antivirus offers a whole set of cool, amazing features that makes the life of the user easier in terms of fighting potential threats around the world of the internet. Being said, in the 2017 version of Avast Antivirus, they came up with a fascinating feature that has been specifically designed for gamers around the […]

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What is Avast Master Password?

The Avast Password is a tool which already comes along with the antivirus solution offered by Avast. It allows the user to protect and save their sensitive and personal information at a single place that no one can access with proper authorization. Along with the protection that it offers, users can also fill the web […]

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Avast Web Shield

Millions of users around the world make use of Avast security solution, simply because it has a lot to offer in terms of its feature offerings and the good pricing policy of the company. The myriad of features available at users’ disposal makes it a great solution to protect your personal and business data from […]