McAfee Free Antivirus Review

As one of the oldest and best known in cyber security. McAfee’s company has had many ups and downs over the last two decades. McAfee was certainly an important example of Antivirus protection back in the 90’s, but after some hard years of receiving bad critics and poor service reviews, we had to make sure if McAfee Antivirus suites were really once again back on track to become some of the best Antivirus solutions in the industry for this year.

To our surprise, we found that McAfee Free Antivirus 2019 has become into an excellent antivirus and security tool which protects all your devices with one single license. And his free version is a prove of it;
The software of McAfee free antivirus 2019 includes protection against malware spyware, phishing and other potential threats . also includes solid web security tools and has an online web assistant which keeps you safe when going online on the internet. McAfee can even improve your computer performance thanks to it’s awesome optimization tools.


Characteristics of McAfee Free Antivirus;

• Security: The security statistics and performance of McAfee Free Antivirus 2019 are at the top of our list in our McAfee free antivirus review. the software is constantly receiving new updates and information about malware, and when executing an analysis, McAfee not only search inside our files and folders for malware, but also checks for strange behaviors into our system, like files that moves or modify on its own and programs that execute without the user’s authorization. and when it find anything then does immediately notify the users about suspicious activities on their computer. offering us protection from all fronts
• Web Browser plugin: McAfee free Antivirus counts with an useful web browser plug to keep us safe from accessing potentially malicious sites that might be after our private information, it also counts with a potent parental control too which we can freely administer to keep our kids away from suspicious content like pornography, scammers, fishing and other menaces to our children safety.
• Security Backup: McAfee offer us a security data backup tool with up to 2GB of storage space so we can save important files from data lost.
• Home network security and administration: McAfee free includes a Home network tools to help us protect every one of our devices, it also includes a tool to help us administer our wi-fi security settings and password

Pros and cons:

• All front security modules.
• Several Antivirus and Anti malware intelligent scans.
• Security tool for browsing and parental control.
• Security backup on the cloud (up to 2GB of free storage space).
• It can get slow when accessing protection modules.
• Interface difficult to use.
Final notes about McAfee free review:
As a final note, McAfee Free Antivirus 2019 is a well designed security suit, with a moderated resources consumption compensated by all kinds of scan modes and utilities designed to protect even the last corner of your computer. And for a free antivirus solution, McAfee is with no doubt one of the best choices we could make regarding security tools.