Is Avast Premium Security Worth It?

Is Avast Premium Security Worth It?

When it comes to cybersecurity issues, it can be very difficult to make a smart decision as there are so many good antiviruses on the market. Today we are going to take a detailed look at Avast Premium. Avast security products are the true leaders in the antivirus world, but are they good for your computer? And what is even more important, is there any difference between the packages? Is Avast Premium Security worth it? You will find the answers to all these questions in our comprehensive review.

Avast Premium Security: the key features

Many cybersecurity companies offer protection at several levels, starting from free antivirus products with basic features and ending with all-inclusive multi-platform suites. Avast has also followed that pattern, with the feature-packed Avast Premium Security. Is it really better than the free version of Avast? Here are several important things to know about the paid-for security package. Generally, Avast Premium Security offers the same level of protection as its free suite, however, there are some really cool extra services. Avast Premium Security provides its customers with advanced ransomware protection, a firewall, a data shredder, a spam filter, a VPN tool, and (we like it!) webcam protection. Overall, the number of bonus features is above average, comparing to other antiviruses. Let’s take a look at some of these features. Avast Premium has a special tool that monitors your software and identifies the missing updates. As a result, your system will perform more productively. There is also a password tool that saves your data from the browsers and syncs the information across all devices you use. In addition to all these amazing features, Avast Premium Security works faster because of moving computing processes into the cloud. The huge threat detection database, cloud-based technologies, and innovative behavior analysis make Avast Premium one of the best security packages in the world. Plus, Avast Premium Security is very configurable, which means you can choose what extra features you would like to use. If you don’t like a password manager or software updater, you can remove them from your list even before the installation.

Avast Premium Security: price

Avast Premium Security seems to be expensive in some configurations. For example, if you want to purchase a license for one device, it will be $70 per year. However, if you need to secure more than one gadget, Avast Premium is exactly what you are looking for. The multi-device subscription is just $90 per year and it covers up to ten (!) devices at once.

Avast Premium Security: pros and cons

Like other security products, Avast Premium has its weak and strong points. We analyzed the main features of Avast Premium to help you make a good choice. Pros 1. It is cross-platform and offers protection for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS devices. 2. Avast Premium Security demonstrates excellent results in the independent lab tests. 3. There are a good firewall and a cool spam filter. 4. Avast Premium Security provides full-featured protection for Android gadgets. 5. The paid suite gives its users ransomware protection. 6. It has additional features to boost security. Cons 1. Avast Premium Security is quite expensive. 2. Many features are available in the free version.

Our verdict

Avast Premium Security is an all-in-one solution, which offers not only antivirus protection but also a set of additional features for every occasion. However, if your devices don’t require multi-platform protection, think twice before making a final decision. In most cases, the Avast free edition is enough for full protection. To summarize, Avast Premium Security worth it, but you should make a decision on the basis of your personal needs.