How to Remove the WebHelper Virus

Very often users observe too strong braking of the computer caused by the Utorrentie.exe file. In this article, more about what it is and how to get rid of this virus.

The danger of malicious software

Today cyber criminals carry out attacks that leave no digital footprint and do not use binaries, so anti-virus and threat detection systems do not see them. Instead, they use their tools against you. Attackers disable defenses, inject malicious code into harmless processes such as calc.exe, and use techniques such as domain generation algorithms (DGA) and DNS tunneling to obfuscate data transmissions to take control.

Malicious software is any kind of software specially designed to disrupt the normal operation of devices or their software, as well as to gain access to the device and confidential information stored on it. Malware is classified into spyware, adware, viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, ransomware, browser hijackers, and more.

What is WebHelper?

WebHelper is an auxiliary process of the uTorrent torrent client, which is responsible for displaying ads in the program. The process belongs to the uTorrent torrent download, which is responsible for displaying ads in the application, maybe in the startup.

The user can independently determine the operation of the hidden WebHelper service. What this process is will become clear when the browser starts page changes. The default search engine will be changed, there will be a bunch of advertisements offering to install the best antivirus programs, there will be constant redirects to some commercial sites or online casinos like RiverBellePocker, and a non-removable Yahoo! Toolbar. There are also frequent situations of system failure with error messages and abnormal termination of the WebHelper service. These are all false positives.

The saddest thing is that the virus almost always works when launching popular torrent clients. In this case, many additional modules can be installed in the system. You can see them in the active background services tree.

How to delete WebHelper Virus?

The main method of combating malware, as in medicine, is timely prevention. Computer prevention implies adherence to the rules of “computer hygiene”, which can significantly reduce the likelihood of infection and loss of any data. Understanding and adhering to the basic rules of behavior when using an individual computer and on the network is an important method of protection against computer intruders. There are three basic rules to avoid WebHelper Virus and other kinds of malicious software in total that are true for both individuals and corporate users:

  • Mandatory use of anti-virus protection. If you are not an expert in the field of computer security, then it is better to use solid anti-virus protection and prevention against network attacks (firewall) – entrust your security to professionals. Most modern antivirus programs protect against a wide variety of computer threats – viruses, worms, Trojans, and ad systems.
  • Do not trust all information that comes to your computer – emails, links to websites, messages to Internet pagers. You should definitely not open files and links coming from an unknown source. The risk of infection is also reduced by organizational measures. Such measures include various restrictions in the work of users, both individual and corporate, for example:
    • ban on the use of Internet pagers;
    • access to only a limited number of web pages;
    • physical disconnection of the internal network of the enterprise from the Internet and the use of dedicated computers for Internet access, etc.
  • Pay enough attention to information from antivirus companies and computer security experts. They usually promptly report new types of online fraud, new virus threats, epidemics, etc. – pay more attention to such information.